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With years of experience in residential roofing, our team can assess a roof and determine what the best course of action is for your home. In some cases, only a few shingles will need to be replaced, and in other cases, the entire roof will need to be replaced. However the case may be, Deer Creek Exteriors is just a call away.

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CertainTeed is constantly evolving studying and testing products, responding to the wants and needs of customers, and experimenting with new ideas and materials so that no matter what the job calls for, you can trust the CertainTeed brand to deliver state-of-the-art performance. As a result of their dedication to product improvements and manufacturing excellence, CertainTeed has developed numerous valuable technologies that help contractors and homeowners build better, safer, more comfortable homes.

We've Got Your Roofing Needs Covered


A damaged roof with leakage or broken shingles may be repaired, and our skilled roofers are prepared to handle these frequently seen issues on various types of roofs.


Our inspectors are capable of choosing the best line of action by taking into account the entire amount of damage. You might simply need to replace a few shingles if a single, minor leak has happened.


Leaks are never an issue with good installation methods. Our experts have the expertise required to guarantee that the newly installed roofing system satisfies the highest standards.


A routine roof inspection can assist identify areas of the roof that pose risks or are vulnerable to deterioration, potentially saving several hundred or thousands of dollars.

Use the CertainTeed ColorViewer Tool to Style Your New Roof

The online CertainTeed ColorViewer Tool is here to help you imagine the countless possibilities by blending shingle types with siding, trim, and door paint colors. Free of charge, you may unleash your inner interior decorator by uploading a photo of your home and playing around with different color schemes and design options.

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