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Erwin L.

We want to thank Bryan and his team for everything they have done to remedy the problem we were having with regard to our roof and siding due to heavy rain as well as the repair to our damaged siding due to landscapers. Bryan thoroughly explained the problem to us and his team was quick to make the necessary repairs. Their professionalism as well as their quick cleanup was greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Deer Creek Exteriors.

Arnie P.

My family is building a new home in Woodbine Md and the builder chose Deer Creek Interiors, Inc. to install roofing on the 4200 square foot home. There were a number of issues that our builder refused to address about the roof, but finally after a long period it called Bryan, the owner of Deer Creek Exteriors in Parkville, MD. who promptly came to our home for inspection. He agreed with us, the home buyers, and immediately returned to make repairs with a crew of three. At his sole expense, sections of roofing were removed and replaced and more work done than our family requested. The roof now is beautiful.

Consumers always dwell on price, politeness of workers, and timeliness of work completion. And, of course, final appearance. But when choosing a contractor, particularly with roofing where warrantied for decades, it is essential that your roofer be responsive and willing to take care of smallest issues. Bryan advised that I not hesitate to call again down road for anything necessary, and I wholeheartedly recommend, without reservation, Deer Creek Exteriors, Inc. for anyone in need of a new or replacement roof.
Daniel E.

We recently had siding installed by Deer Creek Exteriors. Mr. Moon was very good about confirming all the details of the work to be done, and the crew performed the work without having to reconfirm anything. The crew worked extremely hard, returning every day until the job was done and working with every bit of daylight they had and more. The results are beautiful and I'm glad we went with Deer Creek. They passed savings onto us for quality work rather than inflating prices to pay for advertising and sales.
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